Teasan Matcha

Simply … the best matcha available in the UK.

Slimmer. Calmer. Fitter

Increase your metabolism. Burn more calories. Feel calmer.

That’s an amazing cup of tea.

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Welcome to Teasan Matcha

Our mission is simply to bring you the highest quality premium matcha from Japan.

1. What is Matcha?

New to matcha? Let us tell you a bit about this magical green tea.

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2. Shaded before harvest

21 days before harvest, the tea is shaded. This increases its chlorophyll and nutrient contents in the shoots. This results in hypergreen leaves, packed with antioxidants.

3. Only the best leaves are hand-picked

Seasoned tea pickers only choose the top 3 leaves.

This makes our Extra Premium Matcha tastes brilliant.

4. Steamed, dried and de-veined

Impressively dark green. Goodness locked in.

5. Stone-ground in Uji, Japan

Done with care to preserve its antioxidants.

6. Vacuum Sealed. Packed with Goodness.

Vacuum packed in the factory to seal in and preserve

its antioxidant contents and flavour.

Taste the difference with each cup.

Why should I drink matcha?


A quick boost of energy. Feel recharged, but calm simultaneously. Lasts 3-6 hours. The result of EGCG, L-Theanine and tea-caffeine. Learn more>


Matcha has one of the highest antioxidant concentration of any natural foods. Gram for gram, matcha has more antioxidants than regular steeped green tea (110 times), orange juice (190 times), goji berries (42 times), cranberry juice (95 times), pomegranates (30 times), raspberries (27 times), blackberries (23 times) and blackcurrants (17 times). Learn more>


Matcha has been proven to improve mental focus, lifts your mood and increase overall alertness. Gives you more than wings. Learn more>

Featured Products

teasan extra premium matcha 40g can

Enjoy Extra Premium Matcha Now

Simply one of the best premium matcha out there! Hand-harvested by skilled tea pickers, then carefully steamed, dried and stone-grounded to produce the most nourishing and flavourful drink known to man.

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teasan ceremonial matcha 40g can

Enjoy Ceremonial Grade Matcha Now

Not hand harvested but still retains the same nutrition and packed with antioxidants. Its flavour is still mellow with no bitter hints.

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