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Teasan is a family run business started in Surrey, England in 2008. As avid matcha drinkers we wanted to ensure we could access premium quality matcha and decided if you want a job done, well, it’s best to do it yourself! So a year later we are pleased to say we are the first dedicated supplier of premium matcha in the UK. As health professionals ourselves we were convinced of the uplifting and health giving prospects of this unique tea; not only does the research stack up but we have felt and experienced the benefits for ourselves. Like lots of people today we lead busy lives, with work and young families to look after and the stresses and strains of everyday life to deal with, and we were looking for a natural pick me up to help us get through the day… We were delighted with what we found and so were many of our friends. We decided to share our good fortune with you and hence, Teasan was born!

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As we are an exclusively online retailer, the best contact is through email. We aim to reply to any queries within a few hours, although most of the time far quicker than that.

eMail: info@teasan.co.uk