teasan ceremonial matcha 40g can

Ceremonial Matcha 40g can


This is our Ceremonial Grade matcha. It has a smooth, mellow and deep flavour without any bitterness. For a similar price to other brands, it contains 33% MORE in net weight, a grade higher and tastes better too!

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Product Description

Ceremonial Grade Matcha 40g can

This is our everyday matcha, perfect for those who need their daily dose and prefer a high quality Matcha that is not too expensive or for anyone who wants to have a go at matcha. Unlike our Extra Premium Grade Matcha which is only hand-harvested, this matcha is machine harvested by seasoned tea farmers. However if you compare with other brands, you will find that our Ceremonial Matcha is a lot greener and taste much better. You also get 33% MORE matcha per can than other  brands, hence the price per cup is much less. Our Ceremonial Grade Matcha is grown in the misty hills of Uji, just outside the old capital city of Japan, Kyoto.

Storage Recommendations

As matcha is ground into a very fine powder, it can easily be oxidised and deteriorate if exposed to air. To reduce this effect, once the can of matcha is opened we strongly recommend that you consume it as soon as possible, ideally within a month. Once it’s opened, please keep the matcha in its specially-made can, ideally in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark and dry place, away from any strong odours. Please ensure that the cap is tightened properly at all times in order to protect the properties of the matcha.

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