teasan matcha extra premium 40g can

Extra Premium Grade Matcha 40g can


This is the highest quality matcha available in the UK today. Only the top 2-3 green tea shoots of the best plants, carefully picked by hand in early Spring by skilled farmers are used to produce this truly amazing matcha. It is also 33% more than other brands, which makes it more value for money.

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Product Description

Extra Premium Grade Matcha 40g can

This is a real luxury for those who appreciates matcha. It has a full-bodied, creamy flavour with a slight hint of sweetness reflecting the young sweet tender tea shoots which it is made from. Only the highest grades of matcha like this one are used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony (or Chanoyu). So, what makes our Extra Premium Grade Matcha special? … Simply put, expert knowledge and passion.

Tea of such high quality are exclusively grown in the misty hills of Uji, just outside the old capital city of Japan, Kyoto. This is the birthplace of green tea in Japan. Its unique microclimate is perfect for growing premium quality green tea. Our Extra Premium Grade Matcha is grown close to the river where the earth is very rich and fertile. This special earth not only packs the tea with extra nutrients but it also gives the tea its characteristic mellow and deep flavour. The tea plant is then shaded using a special technique 20-30 days before harvest. This is done to further intensify the nutrients (eg. L-Theanine and Catechins) and chlorophyll content of the tea shoots.

Only the top 2-3 shoots are then carefully selected and hand-picked by skilled farmers to ensure that only the best tea leaves are chosen for this special grade of matcha. These young tender shoots are softer, sweeter and greener than the older leaves. You can never get the same quality in machine harvested leaves as some older leaves will inevitably get mixed into the selection. The older the leaves, the more brown and bitter it gets. Hence, high grade matcha are always bright green, slightly sweet and never bitter.

The combination of such expertise and passion in producing the best matcha possible is what differentiates Extra Premium Grade Matcha from other grades and make it highly sought after, even in Japan itself. Very little of it ever get exported out of Japan, hence we are proud to be able to bring this extra premium matcha to you.

Storage Recommendations

As matcha is ground into a very fine powder, it can easily be oxidised and deteriorate if exposed to air. To reduce this effect, once the can of matcha is opened we strongly recommend that you consume it as soon as possible, ideally within a month. Once it’s opened, please keep the matcha in its specially-made can, ideally in theĀ refrigeratorĀ or in a cool, dark and dry place, away from any strong odours. Please ensure that the cap is tightened properly at all times in order to protect the properties of the matcha.

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