Health and wellness are the current day buzz words for the many fit and fabulous individuals who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, but the ripples of wellbeing are spreading out further and further afield and slowly but surely, more people are looking for ways to be healthy on a daily basis.

Every journey starts with a small step, yet often that step is the hardest to take.  Cutting any task down into manageable chunks always helps, and so, instead of concentrating on completely overhauling your life and “Being Healthy” by throwing away your chocolate, purchasing a treadmill, restarting your gym membership, buying a whole new fitness wardrobe and filling your fridge with fruit and vegetables, just take one step today.

So here are the Three M’s…three great, easy ways to slowly but surely add healthy benefits to your life without it being a severe shock to the system.  After all it can take up to 66 days to form a new habit, so it is highly unlikely that the aforementioned total life overhaul would last 6 days, let alone 66!


A study  performed by Cambridge University discovered that a 20 minute walk each day could extend life expectancy up to 12 months.  We get disillusioned by the notion of getting fit because we feel we have to be pounding the pavement or lifting weights to do it, but in fact a simple brisk walk could have an incredibly rewarding effect on the heart and body!

A little extra movement each day could also make a big difference – sp take the stairs instead of the escalator, walk to the shops or to see a friend or take a walk around town in your work lunch hour. Any thing to get you moving.


Science has finally caught up with what mediation advocates have been saying for centuries: it’s good for you! Research from Harvard University has ‘discovered’ that relaxation though meditation and yoga activates disease fighting genes to help the body battle and protect against a broad range of illness and physical ailments including arthritis, high blood pressure and even infertility.  Stress is so damaging to the body as a whole, and so the simple action of breathing deeply and quietening the mind through meditation, whether as part of a physical exercise such as yoga or by simply sitting or lying on the floor calmly can be hugely beneficial to your overall physical and mental health and wellbring.


How you eat and drink is of course one of the first activities we alter when we want to be healthy.  But a vague decision to ‘eat more healthily’ is not a clear enough goal for your mind to use it as motivation.  Instead, make small but simple inclusions (or exclusions) to your daily diet and you’ll soon notice the health benefits come rolling in.

One easy addition to any days’ intake is Matcha tea from Teasan.  Not only can it increase metabolism and energy, burn fat and aid weight loss (which in turn will give you the motivation to keep doing that walking as you see any excess weight falling off you), it is filled with antioxidants making it great for youthful skin and flu-virus fighting extracts!! A study, ‘The Journal Of Medicinal Food’ appears to also demonstrate that consuming Matcha tea could even protect the liver and kidneys. If that were not enough, it naturally elevates your mood, but with all that good stuff happening in your body, that’s hardly surprising!

Back up the benefits of your daily Matcha tea by incorporating at least one piece of fruit or vegetable (preferably organic and chemical free) at every meal or snack.