IMG_2659Energy drinks are readily available in virtually any shop that has a fridge; in fact they are sold in newspaper shops, super markets and your corner shop. But what benefits do these provide you? They give you what can only be called a “sugar rush” giving you a short term high followed by a long time low.

Such brands as Red Bull have put in place smart marketing plans to make these cans of highs a cool thing to drink, “Red Bull gives you wings” However the effects that follow after you lose your wings have a definite impact on your attention span, concentration and ability to focus. Should these be restricted such as cigarettes and tobacco? The straight-forward answer is yes. Should children who are studying and learning be allowed to buy these and suffer the effects of the high and low? I think you will agree that they should not, in the same context as you wouldn’t allow your child to light up a cigarette and have a smoke because they feel stressed.

As a parent you want your best for your child, a good breakfast, something that is going to supply energy for them that is going to help with their concentration, ideally, a slow releasing energy source. It should also apply the same to what they drink, avoid the energy drinks and fizzy pop that give the quick high but opt for drinks that are going to be beneficial to them.

One such drink is Matcha, developed from a traditional Japanese green tea. It not only increase metabolism, contains anti-oxidants but also provides a stable slow release of energy that is going to aid in concentration, focus and keep the body healthy. So next time you think energy think Matcha, outlasting, energy giving and a much healthier option than any energy drink you can buy.